Bringing Your Pets

When we started looking at potential places to move to, one of the first questions was whether we could bring out pets and, if so, was a quarantine required. The good news is that the answers are yes and no.

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Yes, you can bring dogs, cats and birds into Ecuador

Yes, you can bring dogs, cats and birds into Ecuador with no quarantine. However there is a process to be followed which can seem a little daunting to the inexperienced. However, it’s not that complicated and consists of only 3 steps which are written from the standpoint of coming from the US as that is what we did.

Step 1: Have a local USDA certified vet do a physical exam and fill out a health certificate. Ask your vet if they are certified and if not call around to the vets in your area. Alternatively contact the USDA to find out who they have in your city.

Step 2: The health certificate needs to go to the USDA office for them to stamp and seal it. Ecuador like many countries in this part of the world are big on stamps and seals.

Step 3: The certificate must go to the Ecuadorian Consulate that serves your area to be legalized aka stamped by them.

All of this needs to be done in no more than 10 days between the date of the health certificate and when you arrive in Ecuador.

What we did was send the health certificate via FedEx to the USDA with a pre-paid FedEx envelope addressed to the Consulate. We also included one for the Consulate to send the final approved health certificate back to us. This all took 3-5 days so we still had 5 days to present our animal(s) to the authorities in Ecuador. We’ve done it 3 times with no problems.  Given that things change, we suggest using an expediter who stays current with the laws and will make sure you get through control on this end.